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Mrs. O'Leary's

126 N. Mead, Old Town, Wichita, Kansas  

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We have a full classroom - studio located in our building.

Also on the premises: Our gastropub "Public at the Brickyard" and massage salon "Zenful Indulgence"

Class Registration Info: You can email to put your name on the list, but you must call the store and give a CC# to actually hold the class. CC�s will not be run until the day of the class. You may choose to pay by cash, charge or CC at that time. If canceling a class, you must do so at least 48 hours ahead. Those not coming to class will be charged for the kit that they may pick up the following week. We understand that illness and emergencies happen and we do our best to work with you.

Please bring your basic tool kit and have all your supplies clearly marked with your name. Some tools that are helpful to have are scissors, C-Thru ruler, cutting mat, X-acto knife w/sharp blade, folding bone, stylus, glue stick and addition adhesive of your choice. Ask what tools will be used in any specific class.

 â��Open Workshop â�� Paper & Metal Smith Studioâ�� You need to be familiar with a general working knowledge of the tools in the Paper-Crafting Studio and you will need to bring your basic tool kit. Metal smith Studio has prerequisite of basic metal class or if enameling, the enameling basics class.  

Call ahead -  $10, paper & $10 metal â�� $5 gas fee if using torches - $5 extra if using our enamels.

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