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July 5-12, 2017
Join us for the 9th Annual Art Unplugged Week! The classes of Art Unplugged are each sold separately so you can come for the whole shebang or pick your days.

Classes fill fast so we advise you sign up as soon as the schedule is released in April. If the event sells out we will offer session 2, July 22-29, 2017.

The classes at Art Unplugged are always new projects as we have returning guests each year. If you would like to take part in some of the past class projects, you may be interested in checking out the customized retreats that we offer. Find at least 4 in your group that want to partake and pick the projects from our Past's Listings. If you don't have 4 in your group, you can still let us know of your interest and we will see if there is another few that want to join in.

Many of the past classes will soon be available in kit form with DVD classroom instructions.

Art Unplugged 9

July 5-12, 2017

Art Unplugged is like summer camp for adults. Join friends far and near in a fun, relaxed artful setting. Many participants attend yearly and become life-long friends as they gather from across the United States. Our "Chill Lounge" will be stocked with treats, snacks, fruit and a cooler of drinks. A shelf of tubs will be available for you to keep your projects and stuff together. The Public restaurant as well as the Brickyard courtyard and Dawg Trailer late night dining is only steps away for food and spirits. Book a hand or chair massage to add to the experience. Hotel Old Town is a wonderful hotel just across the courtyard. They are offering a discount price so if interested I'll send you that info.

We have pulled together and wide and interesting array of art mediums and projects for you to partake in this year. I urge you not to shy away for those you are unfamiliar with. This is the time and place to explore and let the energy of all the creative air inspire you. Many skills learned in one project will carry over to working in another medium.

I would have loved to have had this schedule out and published months ago, but I know that isn't my life right now (or may never be!) I'm sure many of the classes will automatically fill with yearly attendees. So, give us a call or email soon so you don't miss out as seats are limited. Some projects are not yet priced as we are working this week on putting together the supply lists. Samples will be finished up in the next week(ish). If you sign up for a class but want to cancel due to the price or sample we will take your name off the list per your request.

We will be hosting a 4th of July kick off party on Tuesday at the Brickyard complete with hot dogs, watermelon, hand cranked ice cream, lemonade, games and an evening of fireworks.Please RSVP by June 30.

Wednesday 5

10-5 (lunch break)

"History of Photography Book"  Make faux samples of the stages of photography. Start with cabinet cards and go through tintypes, glass negatives, regular negatives, albumen printing and polaroid transfers.  Make and place these into a handmade book along with the history of each type and create a wire binding. 

Make a presentation box to finish up the package.  $90  joni


"Mixed Media Collage Board" $? Melody (visiting teacher)

Thursday 6


"The Potter's Work" We will start working with slabbed earthen clay to make a textured (approximately 7 inch) heart. Make a layered overlay of yet another texture and a stamped phrase. When finished, use steel wire to make a handle that can be filled with handmade clay beads and a bird. Return day will be for glazing. Both brights and subdued neutral colors will be available. We will also be making a few additional hearts that after fired and glazed will be adorned with wire trims. These earthen littles will be great as stand alone pieces or for add ons to other projects, i.e. weavings, collages, books. $? Cheri (visiting teacher)


"Cabochon Capture" Using silver filled wire you will freeform capture wrap a stone and use the wire tails to create an artful flourish. $40 plus cost of stone. joni


"Portal of Jewels " The centerpiece element is packed in with tiny beads and surrounded by additional beads in a peyote stitching to create an elegant brooch. This will also make a wonderful adornment for a book or collage. $? Sam

Friday 7


(lunch break)

"I Hear You Knocking" A door panel will the the starting platform for this wall collage. Paint, mediums and molds will be used to give color and texture to this vintage door themed piece. Fabricate metal and resin pieces to use on your project. Learn assemblage and to work with new mixed media products. $? joni


"Window to My Heart Necklace" The hydraulic press will help us form this dimensional heart pendant. Tin with solder and attach to the back plate. Ruffle the edges, and decorate with rhinestones and molten solder stamping. Saw an opening to reveal a window. Fill with a vintage photo, collage words, glitter and resin. Add a chain and a few beads of choice and your set to go. This will take overnight to let the resin cure. $50 joni

Saturday 8


"Art with Alcohol" This technique driven class will teach you to use alcohol inks to paint florals, landscapes and abstracts. Make three finished cards while practicing your design choices along with fellowship and fun. Lots of information and many samples will be shown. Bring an assortment of smallish brushes (round #1-8, medium fan, #2-8 liner, ½ inch or less flat) These don't need to be high quality $45 Sherry


"Alcohol Ink Tiles" So you've got your feet wet with the card class "Art with Alcohol" now learn a few different techniques using this medium on glazed tiles. You will need the same brushes listed in the card class. $45 Sherry


"Scrap Bag Bracelet" Visiting professional artist, teacher and metalsmith Cheri Keefer will be teaching us how to turn the scrap metal from the studio floor into one of a kind wearable works of art. Learn the use of silver solder and working with an oxy-acetylene torch. $65


"Dirty Pour Acrylics" The latest trend in art is pour painting. Acrylic paints, mediums, inks and silicon are combined for your palette. Make a 16 canvas and pick up your waste with small canvases and Yupo paper. Space is limited in this class and the cost of materials will be a bit higher. Cheri (visiting teacher)

Sunday 9


"Potters Work" (Part 2) Return for glazing


Brunch in the Public. Compliments of Mrs. O'Leary's if you have taken $150 or more of Art Unplugged classes. $15 Reservations need to be given by July 5.


"Powder Puffed" Learn to use pancake dies with the hydraulic press and texture tools like the corrugator and rolling mill from our studio to make your own charms and pendants. One of the hottest new trends in jewelry these days is to use powder coating to color your pieces. Lower temp and more durable then enamels you can mix and create for just the look you want. $? Linda (visiting teacher)


"Chem Lab Painting" Mix paints with a variety of products such as hydrogen peroxide, glycerin etc. Plop on paper and let Cheri show you how to make the magic appear. Make a couple of sheets to use in future projects, let dry. $13


"Coloring 101" Remember how fun it was to relax on those summer days and just color? This will be a great way to wind down after an art packed weekend. Visit with friends, enjoy a refreshment and color in this black line printed doodle fabric to use to make a pillow or embellish a jacket etc. Use the new types of Sharpie markers and others to blend and decorate. 1 yard of fabric and use of markers included in project pack.

$25 Cheri (visiting teacher)

Monday 10


"Street Art" 3 wooden blocks we be the base for our houses. Stations will be set up to work on the adornments for your little neighborhood. Etch copper and cut into shingles and trim. Use the skill saw to cut out printed (glued to Masonite) people. Paints will add color and torn papers can be decoupaged for base backgrounds. Bring your own trims or purchase ala carte from our endless stash. Remember I will be coming back from a vintage sale just a few days before. $? joni


"Plastered" A work in mixed media using plaster, gauze, castings etc. to create a mixed media shadow box approximately 4x6.5. Also creating a plaster cast frozen Charlottes to tuck inside.  (Part 1 of 2) $65 Cecile (visiting teacher)


"The Caged Key" ' A different take on ship in a bottle. Our key will be trapped inside of a woven wire piece than can be worn as a necklace or used as an adornment. Bring a key or purchase ala carte from us. $40 joni

Tuesday 11


"Plastered" (Part 2) the finish


dinner break

"Mixed Media Art Journaling" $? Melody (visiting teacher)

Wednesday 12


"Mixed Media Postcards" $? Melody (visiting teacher)


Open Workshop Available for Art Unplugged attendees wanting to finish up projects. No Charge

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